Why Another Blog Site?

I created this WordPress account way back in time but only thought best to make use of it now. I have Multiply for some time now and I have been loving it, except it doesn’t satisfy my urge to blog. This is what happened: A friend of mine recently posted a video (not a link, an actual video) to his Multiply blog and I thought yeah, I’d like to try that. I did. Everybody knows how to embed codes, right? I was disappointed when it only posted the codes. That raw. Tried many times over. No go. I was looking like an idiot doing the same thing over and over even though I

it's because you're outdated.

knew it was hope beyond hope. Yes, you can call that desperation. And then later on I found out that seems to be one of the limitations of the site. Crap! Why?

Anyway, instead of going out to Multiply and draft a one-page insinuation, I decided to take refuge in this site’s open arms. Which means you’ll hear more of me here in the days to come.



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