An Eye for an Eye only Makes the Whole World Blind

deliver us

We all got bowled over by the massacre that took place at Maguindanao Monday. We’re not only mourning for those innocent lives lost brought about by ruthless deeds our fellow men resort to doing these days. But most especially, we feel fear for our security. To date, death toll in said massacre rose to a whopping 57, calling the incident the worst politically motivated violence in recent Philippine history. The sadder part is many lives have been wasted all because of a certain group of people’s hunger for power. NOT WORTH IT!

All fingers are now pointed at Governor Andal Ampatuan and his allies, who allegedly wanted his son to succeed him as governor resulting to the conscienceless killings–the most horrible thing that could happen in a democratic country. I guess it’s safe to say what we have is a failed democracy.

Now everybody is suggesting it’s time we bring back death penalty. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. While it’s true that killing the perpetrators could give us short-term relief, we are giving ourselves false hopes in the long run. What do you expect will happen next if we act in the form of revenge? REVENGE. That does not sit well with me.

I’m praying the aggrieved party of Mangudadatu won’t resort to this foolishness. I’ve been saying this all the time with my past articles (not in this weblog): We absolutely cannot correct one mistake with another. I know how hard it is to bring one’s self to forgive. But that’s the best thing to do. Maybe not today. Maybe tomorrow or the days to come. Take a long hard look at life and find it in your heart to forgive. Let that be the main point to which we could all rally upon.


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