Last time I wrote about oversleeping. Now, I am unable to sleep.

Yep! This, for the nth time, is one of those days where sleep evades me. I have tried everything. From counting sheep to singing myself a lullaby. Nothing seems to work. I should be sleeping in this late hour but look!

Wikipedia enumerates a considerably long list of possible causes of insomnia. For a night shifter like me, at the top of the list is disturbances of the circadian rhythm or shift work, which can cause an inability to sleep at some times of the day and excessive sleepiness at other times of the day. Now that makes sense.

Second on the list is poor sleep hygiene or noise. Well, it’s really hard to sleep when there’s some carpentry work going on outside.

Can you guess the third one? Insomnia is also seen in individuals who have long hours of computer surfing. Okay, that’s settled.

Right. Lemme try one last-ditch attempt at this.


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