We were told to wear something Filipino owing to the theme Pasko sa Nayon, which I didn’t give blessing to.  As usual, the so-called cynical crowd ruled the night. Well, at least I had coconut-made earrings, necklace, and handbag to accentuate the dress. I didn’t have to, but since it’s Christmas, I decided to roll over and play dead.

Here you go.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one. The rest of the peeps here resemble nothing close to Filipino. I’m talking about ethnic costumes. Didn’t we have enough of that in school oredi?


His name is Red. I have red lips. Ergo, “red” my lips. (I can’t believe I’m reposting Lyra’s corniness yet again.)

My team – the Sales Support Team.  Gorgeous, wouldn’t you say?

And the fans. They love me too much.



[Read the first line.]

Nothing makes us less Filipino. Definitely not the dress. Flaunt it!




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3 responses to “Christmassy

  1. oliver

    Let’s party people!!! \m/

  2. ikr, definitely not the dress!..^_^
    hey, u should have taken a pic of urself with that coconut handbag!! i actually liked it -a sure knock-out!!ahahaha!

    btw, lol @ the fans =)

  3. oliver

    LOL. I think I have a pic with the bag but decided not to post it here. Thanks for the compliment. =p

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