Never Let Your Guard Down

Up until now, I’m still in a daze. I’ve been chock-full of speculations at what those shabby kids veritably contrived. I’m almost certain there were three of them. A hapless street boy who was a little around 8 years old; a smaller boy around 6; and, the eldest of them all who could have been the leader of the pack, a lesbian of about 15. Had it not been for my inbred belligerence, I could have been killed (or injured).

Let me try to go back in retrospect. I was walking down J. Llorente Street on my way to work last night. As I was  crossing the street to get to Anita’s Bakeshop, the unexpected happened. I was three steps away from the sidewalk when the 8-year-old kid came charging toward me. In the short span of time that I could think, an influx of thoughts spluttered all over me. I thought he was going to beg for some coins but it didn’t look like that. It didn’t appear like he was aiming at my bag either because he would have snatched it away in an instant. (I’m not really the type who wears shoulder bags specifically for this reason but I considered that night an exception.) What it appeared to me was he was aiming at my face. Was he trying to pinch me? (Or do I flatter myself?) Was he trying to paint muck on me? (You know how street kids like to show off to their throng.) Was he trying to shove me back to the street and have me run over by a vehicle? Or worse, was he carrying an ice pick to slash at me?

I was clutching the shoulder bag. It was only a split second when he came into view and my reflexes took care of it in a bat of an eye. As if in a snap, I lifted my free left hand and smacked at him. His hand never reached my face for I was able to whisk it away. I don’t know how I did it. He pounced at me in full force and I was supposed to be a helpless target, but I singlehandedly (literally) dealt with that all right. And he was surprised at my strength as I was equally astonished at what I am able to do when presented with danger. All eyes were transfixed on me. And then the boy ran back to his pack and vamoosed away.

All right. Sh** just happened.



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6 responses to “Never Let Your Guard Down

  1. dlanyer84

    “chiyar” is all I can say!

  2. hell no! this is not char, nald. this is serious torment! shit jud!

  3. -redh

    ubanan nka nko prme.. storyahe ko unya

  4. LyraGwapa

    Mao na effect sa jogging shei…the power to kick their asses when the situation calls for it. hehe

  5. hahaha! basin, lyr. murag nahimo kog sheila almighty atong tyma.

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