We Make a Life by What We Give

As promised, the video about the outreach program my friends and I conducted is now up. It took a long time to process because, for one, my Movie Maker’s still screwed up. It can only display the photos and gives a pitch-black screen when it comes down to the video I uploaded from my Sony Cybershot DSC TX-5 cam. I’m pretty certain it’s a codec problem, but after downloading a multitude of possible codecs from the Web and staying up till the wee hours to get it to work, I lost all hope.

I badly need a skilled technical support guy to fix it for me before I’d need a shrink to fix me.

Anyway, since I was only able to tinker with photos in Movie Maker, the video part was added to the project using YouTube Video Editor. It doesn’t allow that much tweaking really. I initially set it up with Bruno Mars’s “Count on Me” playing in the background, but the audio was thwarted due to some Copyright issues. Feeling very sheepish at my ignorance, I compromised by using the next best thing, which is YouTube’s Audio Swap feature where you could only choose audios from their library. Mostly a bunch of old songs and unknown artists but better than a lack of audio embellishment.

This is my first attempt at video making, so don’t laugh. I’ll get better. ^^

(Thanks to Lyra Cindy Paires for some of the photos used in this project.)


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