The Glorious Veins

Did a little research about this band while their playlist is blaring in the background. Found out at iSTORYA.NET that their drummer is actually a Cebuano. Awesome, right? And it turns out they’ve been in the business since 2008 (based on the timeline of that forum post in iSTORYA). Well, we know how it is in the music scene or pretty much in any business. It takes a good gall to go out and form a band, knowing it’s a rough ride ahead considering the innumerable hopefuls sprawled in the planet. For those with a penchant for rock music, we know that there might conceivably come a moment when this band would rise in the same glorious levels as The Killers or Death Cab for Cutie, or even higher.

Of late, they have ten new songs, which are all original, from their self-titled album. Another reason for us Filipinos to be proud of. Go Wiggy! Go Cebuano! Go Pinoy!

GENRE: Disco flavored Postpunk Bluesrock from Mars = ROCK


Lee Grasso – Bass
Wiggy Colmenares – Drums
Paul Pangman – Vocals
Matt Howels – Guitars


Listen for yourself.



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