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SONG OF THE DAY: “Love Song for a Savior”


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Talk with Uncle Charlie

Today is Maundy Thursday. And today, I met Uncle Charlie. He is my boyfriend’s uncle who lives in Zamboanga del Sur–a pure-blooded Chavacano. He is staying here in Carmen for the Holy Week, which is a blessing because every time he opens his mouth, he lights up the room. He has a very cheerful disposition and a winsome attitude. He is also a devout Catholic. Like me, he is a Christian in progress, but what happened to him was a transformation. I like to head the same path.

Uncle Charlie is an extrovert. Very friendly. When we first met, I was only able to utter my default greeting “hello.” He returned the greeting with much more life. From that point on, I knew he was something.

At noon, Redh’s family and I had lunch in a round table together. It was boisterous. It was fun to spend time with family and just let go. Singing, storytelling, or simply fooling around. I’m always lucky to be part of this family. I’m shy at times, but Gran always tells me I shouldn’t because I am now part of the family. Coming from her, that’s music to my ears.

During lunchtime, I found that Uncle Charlie and I are both Geminis. Maybe that’s why we instantly took to each other. “We both have split personalities,” he jokingly said with a matching high-five. And at our first meeting at that. Friendly is an understatement to describe Uncle Charlie. He is really something else.

After lunch, my boyfriend and his two brothers went outside to sing more songs with the guitar. While they were busy warbling, Gran, Uncle Charlie, and I had the chance to chat. Gran told about her love story with late Grampa. After some time, she too went away to her room to rest. And so began a most meaningful and fruitful talk with Uncle Charlie.

We talked about a lot of things. Life path, the importance of communication in a relationship, patience, understanding, religion, business, and the list goes on. The sincerity of the moment spoke volumes. It was a three-hour chat to begin with. But the best learning I got from Uncle Charlie is to let go and let God. All that we have now (money, properties, talents) will eventually fade away, either gradually or in an instant. Because we can’t predict life. We don’t know what would happen tomorrow. We don’t have to be too tight but recognize that all this is not ours. It’s all a gift from God.

With the brevity of life, we should not withhold kindness to anyone who deserves it when it is in our power to help.

It was a pleasure to meet Uncle Charlie. He just went off to church for tonight’s mass. I know I should too, but I’m not pushing myself too hard. One day at a time and I’ll get there someday soon.

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Life Back Here

Day 2 of life by the beach. Yesterday was bedlam. I had a very bad headache coupled with equally painful dysmenorrhea. Today is no different with all the unpacked bags sprawled across the room. It seems my headache is gonna stay with me for a while.

I can hear the waves lapping quietly on the beach. It’s a beautiful tune that attempts to soothe my mind. It somehow works. The chirping of the birds, crows of roosters, and Granny’s loud voice calling us when it’s time for breakfast. I swear this is nothing close to the humdrum of life back in the city. A totally different world. I feel closer to nature and to life.

Summer breeze here in the province is pretty cool. It’s almost lunchtime, but it’s still cool inside the room. No need for an electric fan because the sea breeze is a done deal. Not like in the city, which is engulfed by a curtain of heat and contaminated air. Not to mention the brownouts. With the scorching heat and lack of proper ventilation, you’ll pretty much bathe in your own sweat. City life is hot. (Pun intended.)

Here, food is healthy and all natural. Gran doesn’t like canned goods, so she never stocks on those. Oatmeal, eggs, and milk for breakfast. Fish or chicken, veggies, rice, and orange juice for lunch or dinner. Sometimes more viands and/or desserts are displayed on the tabletop. All healthy. I could live like this all my life.

Time check: 10:40 AM. Lunchtime’s in twenty minutes. Yes, we eat lunch meals here. Back in Cebu, we used to sleep in the morning and wake up at night. Now the nocturnal part of us would have to take a serious setback. We’re living here for good anyways. This is my new reality now. And it’s starting to set in.

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Packing. Tired.

I realize my title just sounded like cuss. According to Time magazine, a study shows cursing can ease pain. Well, I gotta say I felt my pain cut in half by saying that. (Packing. Tired.) It’s like cussing but not really.

In case you’re wondering, my pain comes from precisely that–packing. It was definitely a wrong move purchasing a lot of stuff while living in a place temporarily. Now we have to carry all these heavy packages home. It’s harder than seemed humanly possible. If you’re living in an apartment temporarily, for Pete’s sake, please heed my advice: DO NOT stock on unnecessary things. You’ll just end up giving them away in the end. Or if you wanna keep most of them (as what I obviously want), expect to shell out more energy and money in the packing and transportation process. Not a prudent thing to do.

It’s one of those days when I wish I had a house elf to order around.

Oh, Dobby, I need you.

Saw this life-size statue of Dobby in one of the music stores inside SM Cebu.

Dear Dobby, please come to life!

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Life Is a Breath of Air

I didn’t know who AJ Perez was, so when I read sad tweets from local celebrities I’m following that he just died today, to Google I went. He was an actor working for ABS-CBN and was only eighteen years old. He died in a car accident when, on their way to Manila from Dagupan, their car got hit by a bus. One even retweeted his last tweet before the accident, and when I read it, goose bumps filled me. He was cheerful and happy. How could he have died when he still had his life ahead of him?

AJs last tweet. My heart goes out to AJs family. May his soul rest in peace.

It’s sad that we don’t know when our candle flame will be snuffed out. Sometimes we get too attached to mundane things that we forget life is only borrowed. It can be taken away at any time. Whether in our sleep, while working, over coffee break, tomorrow, today, minutes from now. And thank God we don’t know when because if we did, imagine how chaotic the world would be. I might end up in a mental institution with the thought of dying (and how) going over my mind every single minute, until the last minute. If anything, I’d still want to die sane.

To drive my point home, time is ticking. I often reprimand my boyfriend for his habit of putting off for tomorrow what could be done today. What if we won’t wake up in the morning because our time was up? What could be so disheartening than the regret of not being able to do what we wanted to do because we mistakenly thought we had all the time in the world?

Forgive now. Not tomorrow.

Say “I love you” to people you love. Or better yet, show it. Action still speaks louder than any word.

Dance in the rain. Bask in the sunshine.

Appreciate somebody who has done a good job. A pat on the back can do so much.

Smile. Laugh out loud. Fool around if you must.

Stop oversleeping. We have plenty of time to do that six feet under the ground.

Don’t overwork either. Sometimes we also need to stop awhile and notice the beauty around us and its priceless magnificence.

Let’s race to our dreams but savor every moment.

It’s confusing, I know. But that’s what makes life worth living.

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When Mary Met Guido

A very unorthodox prenuptial video of a Cebuano couple. Funny and wacky. I couldn’t stop laughing!

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Inside a Warrior’s Bag

I’m taking a one-way ticket to 2015. No return ticket. No backward. Only left, right, and center.

I hear strange voices calling, telling me not to risk my neck. Playing safe is better than risking to be sorry, they say. A sweet lullaby they are singing to me to lull me into false security. But my inner voice tells me if I stop now, I’ll forever wonder what might have been. So forward I go. No looking back. The strange voices droning in the background.

The path would be treacherous, so I need weapons.

Determination. A weapon that keeps the calloused feet resilient and moving despite trudging between patches of light and darkness. Amidst bad weather. In the midst of a hundred foes. It allows the user to keep his strides at a steady pace despite a slight limp. This is something I could definitely use along the unwinding road.

Alternately, I could use the Faith. A lot more powerful than determination, but with its power comes a great need of mana. The user only has to send prayers to the maker when his mana runs out. This requires concentration and meditation. I don’t know what obstacles lie in wait for me, so I’m stocking up on mana as early as now. With my eyes closed.

My bag is getting heavier, and there’s only enough room for one more weapon. I choose the shield of Love. People always say it’s the greatest of them all. Perhaps the rumors are true because it’s a tool one could not easily purchase from any blacksmith. It is something endowed only to the deserving, like the Excalibur of King Arthur. A very special tool that only those with pure heart can equip. Invincible as it is, it transforms bad forces to good karma at the user’s advantage. My soul’s health is preserved for as long as I have love.

All geared up now, this is the part where the warrior yells his battle cry.


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