Why Is Her Name Like That?

I was reading a BBC News article about some playful Filipino names, and I suddenly remember that day five years ago when I worked as a call center agent.

I was a trainee then, and we were told to write our nicknames on a name badge and wear them while inside the building. So come break time, I was still wearing mine when we met this American big boss along the hallway. The first thing he noticed was my name tag. And then he asked my supervisor, “Why is her name like that?” And then I remembered the nickname I wrote was MyMy. He probably thought my parents were so frustrated for having me as their child that they said “My, my” to the gods. LOL.

I never used that nickname again in my later jobs, especially that those jobs are US-based. I guess I’m still lucky to have a real name that doesn’t sound silly. I had a classmate in grade school who was named by his mother as Mechelle. Just imagine how much bullying he must have experienced all his life for having a girl’s name!

I think it’s okay to use silly nicknames but give good real names to go with it so when the nickname doesn’t sound appropriate when the child becomes a grown-up, he can resort to using the other name. And parents should be more responsible in giving names to their offspring. They have to realize that a person’s name is something he/she is going to carry to his/her grave.

C’mon, give that brain a little tickle. You don’t want your kids to hate you the moment they realize you didn’t do your assignment.

Here’s an excerpt of that news article I just read:

Why would you call your children after the days of the week or your favourite desserts? To many Filipinos, a better question to ask is: “Why wouldn’t you?”

I have been living here for a while now, and I have got used to all these names.

When I’m introduced to a Dinky or a Dunce, or read about people called Bing and Bong, it seems almost normal.

In fact, if anything, I rather like the fact that Filipinos are self-assured enough to use these names, no matter how odd they sound or how senior the person’s public role.

But my assimilation is not quite complete.

While I think it is great that BumBum can wear her name badge with pride, I’m not quite ready to adopt a Philippine nickname myself just yet.

(Read the full article here.)


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