I Won’t Miss You

(This is a work of fiction. Please consider any resemblance to your life as purely coincidental.)


8:31 AM


“Hi, honey. How have you been? Our friend Sam told me you’ve been feeling somber lately. I hope it’s not about our breakup. I mean, it’s been three months already since we decided to stay friends. Hey, I don’t wanna sound Ms. Know It All, but feel better, okay? By the way, the wedding’s in two weeks. Please be there. I can’t have my best friend absent on my big day, can I? Call me. Bye! Love you!”



10:00 PM

“Hi, Lily. I’m . . . uh . . . I’m just r-returning your call. Uh . . . Thanks for checking up on me. I mean, y-you really didn’t have to. I’m A-OK, d-don’t worry. Just enjoying my time with Maxx. He misses your jogging together. A-and that bone gift you always bring every time you come home. He doesn’t play much ‘nymor . . . Remember those Sundays you and Maxx used to hang out and play ball by the pool? Now the ball’s all worn-out . . . from him scratching it all day. I think he’s trying to write something on the side of it. Y-yesterday, I thought I read your name. Oh crap! Please forgive my childish banter. I-I guess I’m just too attached to Maxx’s feelings. Don’t worry. I won’t miss y-your wedding for the world.”

The Next Morning


John, who’s Maxx? Did you buy a dog? I can’t remember you having one. Are you okay? Please call me back. I’m really worried.”



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