Fully Booked

One of the places we love to hang out to is where the books are. Aside from its personable ambiance, it’s also a wonderland where you could travel to places while staying in one place. I’ve claimed to be a bookworm because my job concerns editing manuscripts before they are published into actual books. But when being a bookworm to you means having read a long list of best seller books, then I can’t possibly pass for the title.

What I can tell you is during my youth, I used to read any book or magazine I could grab, even outdated newspapers. I still do now, although with the advent of e-books and magazine articles published online, my life has become a lot easier. And then I started reading thick novels from world-renowned authors–Sidney Sheldon, Agatha Christie, J.K. Rowling, Paulo Coelho, Stephenie Meyer, to name a few. The others aren’t as popular.

Of course, there’s my budding love for Manga. The sketches are entertaining despite them being black and white. Since Manga is neither restricted to plain text nor the kempt colors of English comics, few people appreciate it. In my opinion, it’s a tricky thing to read because you don’t only analyze the narration, but you also make heads or tails with the sketches. Since they’re black and white, it’s usually difficult to determine the movements. So be sure to read the notations and text insertions. If it’s regal entertainment you’re after though, I’d recommend the anime where your eyes could feast on garish animation.

Redh loves Marvel and DC comics, which is the aisle next to Manga. Did I mention he has a five-foot pile of comics at home?

Also found this book with a lovely cover as we were about to go home.

We ended up not buying anything because the book/comic we were looking for was unfortunately not in stock. The counter lady said we could fill in an order, and then they’d contact us when it gets available, but we decided to pass up for now. We will definitely come back. Visit them at the second level of The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu.



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