Packing. Tired.

I realize my title just sounded like cuss. According to Time magazine, a study shows cursing can ease pain. Well, I gotta say I felt my pain cut in half by saying that. (Packing. Tired.) It’s like cussing but not really.

In case you’re wondering, my pain comes from precisely that–packing. It was definitely a wrong move purchasing a lot of stuff while living in a place temporarily. Now we have to carry all these heavy packages home. It’s harder than seemed humanly possible. If you’re living in an apartment temporarily, for Pete’s sake, please heed my advice: DO NOT stock on unnecessary things. You’ll just end up giving them away in the end. Or if you wanna keep most of them (as what I obviously want), expect to shell out more energy and money in the packing and transportation process. Not a prudent thing to do.

It’s one of those days when I wish I had a house elf to order around.

Oh, Dobby, I need you.

Saw this life-size statue of Dobby in one of the music stores inside SM Cebu.

Dear Dobby, please come to life!


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