Life Back Here

Day 2 of life by the beach. Yesterday was bedlam. I had a very bad headache coupled with equally painful dysmenorrhea. Today is no different with all the unpacked bags sprawled across the room. It seems my headache is gonna stay with me for a while.

I can hear the waves lapping quietly on the beach. It’s a beautiful tune that attempts to soothe my mind. It somehow works. The chirping of the birds, crows of roosters, and Granny’s loud voice calling us when it’s time for breakfast. I swear this is nothing close to the humdrum of life back in the city. A totally different world. I feel closer to nature and to life.

Summer breeze here in the province is pretty cool. It’s almost lunchtime, but it’s still cool inside the room. No need for an electric fan because the sea breeze is a done deal. Not like in the city, which is engulfed by a curtain of heat and contaminated air. Not to mention the brownouts. With the scorching heat and lack of proper ventilation, you’ll pretty much bathe in your own sweat. City life is hot. (Pun intended.)

Here, food is healthy and all natural. Gran doesn’t like canned goods, so she never stocks on those. Oatmeal, eggs, and milk for breakfast. Fish or chicken, veggies, rice, and orange juice for lunch or dinner. Sometimes more viands and/or desserts are displayed on the tabletop. All healthy. I could live like this all my life.

Time check: 10:40 AM. Lunchtime’s in twenty minutes. Yes, we eat lunch meals here. Back in Cebu, we used to sleep in the morning and wake up at night. Now the nocturnal part of us would have to take a serious setback. We’re living here for good anyways. This is my new reality now. And it’s starting to set in.


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