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Ride the Wind

The month of May is an eventful time for most Filipinos. It’s when most provinces celebrate their respective fiestas, and where there’s fiesta, there you’ll definitely find carnivals. A place to enjoy and squander money.

The carnival I went to as a kid was different though. Perhaps the best term to use is circus because they had a variety to offer. There were girls with mermaid tail costumes. Of course, being a kid, I used to believe they were real mermaids. (There goes my bubble.)

There were also other types of strange people like a man who eats live chicken, a giant, a dwarf, and all that jazz. There was also the horror train or horror house, a magic house, plus unending line of stalls where you could gamble. Talk about variety.

The carnival I went to last Wednesday, however, had amazing rides and gambling stalls minus the strange people and magic. Too bad. It would have been a lot more fun.

I really wanted to try a rollercoaster, so when I saw one, there I went. It was an exhilarating two-round ride. After the first round, they would stop awhile and ask the riders if they’re up for a second round. I admire their consideration. Some people took off, looking shaken up. I, however, wanted to get my fifty bucks’ worth, so I went for the second round. It was really scary because with every descent, you’d feel like falling off your seat. The seat belt wasn’t tight enough, so if you didn’t hold tight to your seat, chances are you’ll get thrown off your seat! Thankfully, there were no untoward incident, except when I hit my head with the side of the seat. Then I got dizzy. It was the first and last ride I took for the night.

I took pictures of some of the rides. They’re still amazing.

The Hurricane

This is The Telecombat, I think.

Sea Dragon

Ferris Wheel

Bump Cars

Fire Chief

Swing, Swing

Butuan City’s fiesta is May 19. The carnival will be open until that day.



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What You Get for Jogging in the Province

One thing we did (and we plan on habitually doing) here in Redh’s hometown is jog. Our sojourn back in the city gave us a sedentary lifestyle, which caused unwanted flabs to develop. So unless we wanted to become what we fear, jogging is one thing we need to do. Of course, I made it a point to bring the camera along to take photos in between. Hehe.

Warming up.


From the road to the beach.

This snail was trying to race with us.

It has a girl friend. I wonder what they're doing.

Back to the roadside with the leaning coconut of Carmen.

We passed by this lil creek going home at sunup.

To home. Looking forward to a nice breakfast. Hungry much. Hehe.

The jogging lasted for an hour. It was actually a combination of jogging and brisk walking. Nothing compares to early morning jogging, especially if done in a place where nature is.

The only thing I don’t like is since this is a province, rubberneckers are abound. Locals here seem to think it odd to find people who jog because it’s something they don’t see every day. They stare. Not a rude stare but more of a “what the heck are they doing” stare. Anyhoo, it’s all good. To healthy life! 🙂


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Mama’s Girl

(From left to right: Mama's colleague, me, and Mama. Taken during an event in her school---Search for Mr. Lakan and Ms. Lakambini. She was a teacher in Agusan National High School then, the school I went to seven years after.)

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers. Honor them every day. Seize the moment while it lasts.

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It’s the summer, but it’s fairly cold in this part of the world. Not only because I live in a house that is a perfect vantage point of the beach, but also due to the frequent rain. The weather here is just weird. It feels Christmas oredi.

Last week, we had a power outage though it lasted for only a few minutes. But check out what I did during lights out. 😉

I took pictures (heh). Glad the laptop still had a few batt bars remaining. The Internet kept us company.

Sunflower candle, a Christmas gift from my officemate before. Timely.

Isn't the flower reflection nice?

As soon as the rain stopped, the power got back on, so these are all the photos I was able to take. Till next brownout! ^^

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