The Rigors of a Christian-in-progress

It’s been 148 days now since I started this online Bible reading plan from YouVersion, and I can say it’s been helping me a lot. Although I have a hardbound Bible on my desk, I admit I don’t usually open it since I spend most of my time on the Internet, my job involving the use of such. So this online Bible perfectly works for me. I’m taking the Life Application Study Bible Devotion, which picks a verse or two each day and provides additional explanation on the verse. I share every verse to my Facebook and Twitter pages each day. And just by sharing, I feel like I’m not only helping myself spiritually but my friends too.

Though I can’t say I’m religious  now (not yet), there’s no question that I have become better. It’s an ongoing process.

I think it was six days ago when we rode a bus, with Redh of course. We were homebound then. It was a cold afternoon. It was raining sporadically, and the wind was like that of Christmas Eve’s. It’s weird in this part of town where we live now. It’s unusually cold even during the summer.

I sat by the window. I like that seat because I love looking at the views we pass by–green rice fields, nipa huts, tall trees, the mountains, and the setting sun. It’s this scene that I used to draw when I was little. How I love the sunset.

The trip home from the city spans about forty-five minutes, so I get to enjoy the scenery longer. The bus was cramped up by now. Many people were heading home at this time of the day. Some people were discussing among themselves. The girl sitting in front of us was talking to somebody over her cell phone. She had a large voice for a girl. Loquacious. Her pony tail hair dangling on the side of her seat. A wicked thought impinged into my subconscious, saying, Pull it! I grimaced at myself at the thought.

Perhaps it’s the downside of being a Gemini. The bad never parts with the good. Or perhaps it’s just a test to my faith. I heard elders say when you’re starting to head to the right path, the devil would do anything to pull you astray. Devil, if you’re reading this, you’re not winning.

I turned my attention back to the flitting views outside the window. It was dark now. Fifteen minutes more and we’re home. I have a long way to go as a repatriated child of God. And I’m not yielding.


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