Of White Curtains and Orange Bed Sheets

Seven years ago, I had the visage of a ravenous teenager adamant in conquering the world. The circle of friends I had then consisted of people a few years older than me. A motley crowd, to say the least. To conclude that I was eager would be to understate in so many ways. Oh I was eager, all right. Eager to belong in a group, eager to grow up, eager to reach newfangled territories that I was shunned to tread for years past.

But besides that, it was the top of the world for me. At nineteen, I was at the peak of my adolescent years, when raging hormones and clamor for freedom and independence are at the extreme.

Being in the pink of health (not that I am sickly now), the options for me were endless. I did anything I fancy just because I could. Or I couldn’t but tried anyway. A rebel to my father’s admonitions and unorthodox in the face of strangers. I stood out all right. I was a girl trapped in boy’s clothes. Without my pony tail, I wouldn’t be so sure if one could spot the difference. I hobnobbed many times that it was nearly as painfully repetitive as M-W-F classes.

But I didn’t do drugs. I didn’t have tattoos of any kind–permanent or washable. No ugly piercings except two more in my right ear, which I did so meself due to emotional outrage. I was just that. EMO.

Fast-forward to 2011. The transformation, you could say, is stupendous. The unnecessary piercings have healed. The all-black outfit has gone to the deep recesses of the closet, retrieved only during timely occasions like burials. And late-night drinking sessions have long been over. Most importantly, the grey curtain of ill foreboding has been peeled off, unveiling a bright sky of hope, illuminating the room with brightness and cheerfulness, baring a clearer vision of unending possibilities.

Now each waking moment is greeted with a sliver of sunbeam, as if God from up high is calling, “Wake up, child. I give you this gift of a new day. Use it well.” Now that famous TV advertisement that asks, Para kanino ka bumabangon? All of a sudden, it’s not too difficult to answer anymore.


I should think it unlikely to revert back to the old dark curtains now. And this amber-and-orange bed sheet suits the room just fine.



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2 responses to “Of White Curtains and Orange Bed Sheets

  1. well writ!….welcome to the midlife club hahaha….nah i just think that married life suits you… stay hopeful

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