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I Won’t Miss You

(This is a work of fiction. Please consider any resemblance to your life as purely coincidental.)


8:31 AM


“Hi, honey. How have you been? Our friend Sam told me you’ve been feeling somber lately. I hope it’s not about our breakup. I mean, it’s been three months already since we decided to stay friends. Hey, I don’t wanna sound Ms. Know It All, but feel better, okay? By the way, the wedding’s in two weeks. Please be there. I can’t have my best friend absent on my big day, can I? Call me. Bye! Love you!”



10:00 PM

“Hi, Lily. I’m . . . uh . . . I’m just r-returning your call. Uh . . . Thanks for checking up on me. I mean, y-you really didn’t have to. I’m A-OK, d-don’t worry. Just enjoying my time with Maxx. He misses your jogging together. A-and that bone gift you always bring every time you come home. He doesn’t play much ‘nymor . . . Remember those Sundays you and Maxx used to hang out and play ball by the pool? Now the ball’s all worn-out . . . from him scratching it all day. I think he’s trying to write something on the side of it. Y-yesterday, I thought I read your name. Oh crap! Please forgive my childish banter. I-I guess I’m just too attached to Maxx’s feelings. Don’t worry. I won’t miss y-your wedding for the world.”

The Next Morning


John, who’s Maxx? Did you buy a dog? I can’t remember you having one. Are you okay? Please call me back. I’m really worried.”



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I’m Special Too

(Inspired by the novels I edit, I’m starting a new type of blog I want to affectionately call “Fictionary.” As the name implies, it would be a collection of works of fiction. Consider any resemblance to your personal life as purely coincidental.)

*Dead silence.*

“What did I do?”

(Big sigh)

“I’m not a mind reader.”

“Yes, you are not. You’re insensitive.”

“That’s not fair.”

“You’ve never changed. When will you grow up?”

“What do you mean grow up?”



“That!” (On the verge of tears.)

“Okay, that’s it! Can you please cut the crap and spit it out? What did I do this time?”


“So what’s the f***ing problem!”

“That’s the problem! You never do anything. You only care about your friends and that childish games you play. How old are you anyway?”

“Oh so it’s about my friends now? I have given you everything, and when I want to go out and enjoy myself with the gang, you take it out on me? Now I’m the bad guy? What the f*** is your problem?”

“I . . .”

“Fine! I hate you!” (Slams the door and leaves.)

“I just wish you remembered today’s our anniversary.”

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