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UP Otaku Fest 2011

So I invited some friends to go with me to the annual Otaku Fest at University of the Philippines Cebu yesterday. Much to their dismay, they didn’t make it and missed just about a big slice of their life. (Kidding!)

Anyway, so I went alone, and I didn’t realize how enjoyable it is to be with the company of myself until our intimate date the day previous. When they said “you cannot be lonely when you love the person you’re alone with,” guess what? They meant it. Though I mostly talked to myself while roving the verdant grounds of UP, the sensation was surreal. I felt like a tourist who was actually in Japan.

In case you’re asking, otaku is a Japanese word that refers to people with obsessive interests in anime and manga. Yeah, I’m all that and a bag of chips.

Here are the photos I took. If the photo is not captioned, it means I don’t know the character either because I haven’t seen the anime or the character is from a shojo anime, a kind of anime I don’t normally watch. Feel free to comment if you know any one of them. 🙂


Capt. Jack Sparrow won the Crowd’s Favorite Award for the Male Category as well as Best Solo Cosplayer.

More photos below. ^_^




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