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Cool Off Muna Tayo

Can’t think clear now. (So you should probably stop reading.) My brain’s not fully in sync with my body yet after it shirked its obligation days ago. All by itself, it decided to stop doing its duty of thinking.

It all started when I jumped into the bandwagon of this überpopular social networking site. No doubt it’s a great avenue to connect with friends over the Internet, to share stories and memories, to entertain one’s self by indulging in a gazillion of games. I loved it. I was head-over-heels in love with it. I started and ended my day with it. I dreamed about it in my sleep. I spent 80 percent of my day ogling at friends’ statuses, photos, videos, notes, links. Ticking each read item up as I went.

I crammed every time I saw three hundred unread updates each time I logged in. And I couldn’t understand why it had to be that many updates when it hadn’t even been twenty-four hours since I logged out. Like a faithful lover, I had to check what it asked me to check. So scrolling down I went. Each and every day. For 730 days of the twenty-four months of the two years since I joined. Roughly.

I never failed to post an update each day, like a homework that needs to be on the teacher’s desk before the school bell rings. I uploaded the photos right after taking them. I created groups to insinuate intimate conversations among close friends. Created events. Wrote notes. Shared links and videos. Added, hid, unfriended friends.

I could die if I could not touch base with it in a day. Obsessed.

And when I think about it, I was like a plane running on autopilot. It consumed my ability to make wise decisions. It made my days a boring routine, without me realizing it. It stole my time to do more important tasks. It ate my brain and beat the zombies to it. Fiasco.

So now I’m writing this, like a man trying to gain sea legs, to announce that I’m taking what’s mine back. To solidify my foothold in reality. To make up for the lost time that I killed. To read more books, write more blog posts, do household chores, engage in real conversations with people I can touch, not just see. To use my brain more instead of leaving it idle, doing stuff that are only good in a mindless way. I overheard somebody say, “An idle brain is the devil’s playground.” Scary.

Although it’s breaking my heart, this is something I must do. I love you, Facebook. Pero cool off muna tayo.


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Picture This

catch me if you can

never to part

rock en roll

who are these people?

Just some of the many tweaks you can do with your pictures. Try it here.

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