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Duwa-duwa. Magic-magic.

Last year, we went to an orphanage to share and give love to some of the less fortunate kids of Cebu. Aside from food and school supplies, we invited a clown and a magician (a co-employee) to help mollify the children. As it turned out, it looked as if the adults were more entertained than the kids. LOL.

Oh wait! Make that early this year. 😀

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NCR Cebu (Survivor-inspired) Summer Outing

This took place in EGI Resort and Hotel, Lapu Lapu City last May 15, 2010. Ten days later, I decide to post the photos here. Need I say why? I’m a Gemini. And I’m entitled to this thing they call ficklemindedness. 😉

tip of the stage

there were about 6 teams, er, tribus

hmmm . . . what do you think?

redh was there too ♥


poolside view

that’s me, ara, and mylene. i love our colors.

the "longest whatever" game.


one of the torches

splashing all night long

That’s it!


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