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God’s Rebuke

Sometimes God uses other blessings to test how well we would do when exercising our freewill in decision making. Do this or that? Stay or go? Most of the time, it is not easy to choose which to accept and which to turn down.

It was one of these hard moments that I was presented with two choices. I chose what I thought would make me happy. Later that day, I became uneasy, almost as if my decision made me guilty. Then I realized it was God’s rebuke. For a moment, I felt ashamed. For how could I truthfully say that I follow Christ when I cannot let him Lord over ALL of my time?

If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will save it. —Luke 9:23-24

What was I thinking? Immediately thereafter, I lost no time in making things right. God gave me a change of heart. Another chance. I would’ve failed that test, but God—most gracious and loving God—gave me a second chance.

Soon after, I had a good night’s sleep and woke up this morning with vigor renewed. I thank God for rebuking me when I was about to make a decision that I would soon regret. Small voice. We have to listen hard to hear it. We have to listen hard.


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Spit on. Insulted. Whipped. Humiliated.
This man was innocent.
Yet he took it all in.

A healer. Master of nature. The best teacher. Son of God.
He could have made it all go away.
Yet he took it all in.

For you. For me. For the very people who persecuted him.
This man was innocent, blameless, sinless.
Yet he chose to die to pay for the sins of all mankind.

This is no justice. It can only be GRACE.

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April 19, 2014 · 11:08 AM


I am weak, Lord.

Rebuke me when I am tempted to talk back, complain, or criticize.

These do not glorify you.


I tend to forget, Lord.

Remind me that I live for you alone–not for the people around me.

They do not have the slightest hint of my relationship with you.


I am easily troubled, Lord.

Teach me to give it all to you every day, without ceasing.

This makes you smile.

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Struck Down but Not Destroyed

Two days ago, a little before noontime on a fair Friday, a menacing fire broke out in a nearby barangay, which spread into ours, devouring houses and business establishments along the way. The conflagration was fueled by a strong wind that, as fate would have it, was going our house’s direction. That day, I had one of the most emotional conversations I had with God.

I lost no time and ran out to help some relatives whose house was only in front of the alleged source of the fire. All of them were able to get out in time, but the things were beyond saving. The fire was so furious it dove and bypassed the firewall. When my aunt and her dog were put to safety, I came back to offer more help, only to find out that the fire already consumed the house from ground up. It was hungry for more. By the time it crossed the street, I was certain it would come for us.

Nearly only six houses away, my family decided to gather as many things as we could out of the house in an effort to salvage as much possessions. It was a fair day, the sun shone brightly, but the overcast cloud of smoke hung above us. Little pieces of gray ashes and charred wood fell from the sky. Smoke from the fire stung our eyes. I had watched that scene many times in the movies, but last Friday was my first full-view, first-row encounter with such grotesque fiend.

Miraculously, I was able to singlehandedly carry a large TV through one and a half flights of stairs. And as I was stowing law books, clothes, and anything I thought important into a sack, as everybody was panicking, as others were screaming for help, as hysteria reached higher level, I stopped on my tracks and had a hands-on epiphany: Everything we think we own through years of labor—books, gadgets, appliances, wardrobe—can be gone in an instant. All that we have are merely borrowed, and the owner can take them away anytime. ANYTIME. Ready or not, God can take everything away from us anytime he pleases. Because it is only by his grace and mercy that we have things to call our “own.”

Only four houses away and I was almost certain the fire would have our house and everything left in it for lunch. We were not able to get everything out—either because they were too difficult to carry or we were too physically drained already to carry any more. Minutes later, I saw the only fire truck leaving the fire scene. The people around me said it could no longer spray water because its tank had been dried out. Without a fire truck to combat the furious fire, our house and many other houses’ chance of surviving was dim. I began to expect the worst, but I refused to let go of God’s hand. I knew he was in control.

More moments of hysteria passed by, and I saw God’s first answer. A fire truck from Buenavista passed by the house and went straight to combat the fire, which was still consuming more and more structures. A few minutes and another fire truck came. (I am still crying as I type this. God is amazing. His test is never easy, but if we only hold on to him and trust him fully, whatever happens, he can get us out of any seemingly hopeless situation.)

There and then, the fire was snuffed out. I could imagine God putting his palm on the raging fire, covering it with his mighty hand until it was no more, saying, “This far you may come and no farther.” (Job 38:11, NIV)

I have never had a chance to update my blog since I started law school last year, but God gave me a new beginning—or, shall I say, an awakening. The least I could do is offer a blog entry for his glory. I will never tire praising you, Lord. You are my king, my lord, and my loving savior. I love you always. And I will do everything I can to make you smile.



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Of White Curtains and Orange Bed Sheets

Seven years ago, I had the visage of a ravenous teenager adamant in conquering the world. The circle of friends I had then consisted of people a few years older than me. A motley crowd, to say the least. To conclude that I was eager would be to understate in so many ways. Oh I was eager, all right. Eager to belong in a group, eager to grow up, eager to reach newfangled territories that I was shunned to tread for years past.

But besides that, it was the top of the world for me. At nineteen, I was at the peak of my adolescent years, when raging hormones and clamor for freedom and independence are at the extreme.

Being in the pink of health (not that I am sickly now), the options for me were endless. I did anything I fancy just because I could. Or I couldn’t but tried anyway. A rebel to my father’s admonitions and unorthodox in the face of strangers. I stood out all right. I was a girl trapped in boy’s clothes. Without my pony tail, I wouldn’t be so sure if one could spot the difference. I hobnobbed many times that it was nearly as painfully repetitive as M-W-F classes.

But I didn’t do drugs. I didn’t have tattoos of any kind–permanent or washable. No ugly piercings except two more in my right ear, which I did so meself due to emotional outrage. I was just that. EMO.

Fast-forward to 2011. The transformation, you could say, is stupendous. The unnecessary piercings have healed. The all-black outfit has gone to the deep recesses of the closet, retrieved only during timely occasions like burials. And late-night drinking sessions have long been over. Most importantly, the grey curtain of ill foreboding has been peeled off, unveiling a bright sky of hope, illuminating the room with brightness and cheerfulness, baring a clearer vision of unending possibilities.

Now each waking moment is greeted with a sliver of sunbeam, as if God from up high is calling, “Wake up, child. I give you this gift of a new day. Use it well.” Now that famous TV advertisement that asks, Para kanino ka bumabangon? All of a sudden, it’s not too difficult to answer anymore.


I should think it unlikely to revert back to the old dark curtains now. And this amber-and-orange bed sheet suits the room just fine.


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People Need People

While absolute dependence on other people is not good, having people around to share your ups and downs is a sweet blessing any man could have.

I’ve been poring over some ditsy things in my mind lately that I sometimes find myself staring into space. Mostly rationalizing whether my decisions have been right and whether the hopes I have for tomorrow would come to fruition. While analyzing things is generally good, there’s a thin line that separates it from worrying. Too much thinking about things leads to worrying, which, as we know, is unhealthy. So to avoid crossing over, God created people to hold us and keep us from dire straits. They often come in threes–family, friends, and, in rare occasions, strangers.

Just now, I found my blessing in having people in my life. While I’ve been losing my mind into space thinking about mundane stuff and whatnot, the husband deliberately interrupted my train of thought with a song and silly dance moves to go with it. In he came right in my full view and sang an action song while flapping imaginary wings and strutting invisible bird tail. I couldn’t help but titter at his silly antics. He’s such a clown! 😉

Ang mga ibon, na lumilipad

Ay mahal ng Diyos, ‘di kumukupas

Ang mga ibon na lumilipad

Ay mahal ng Diyos, ‘di kumukupas

‘Wag ka nang malungkot.

Oh, praise the Lord!

No man is an island. When God created the earth, he did not make one but two people–Adam and Eve. Which means God wants us to live with one another. He wants us to have relationships to cherish and keep in good times and in bad. Our troubles should not diminish our faith, for they give God the opportunity to demonstrate his power. And you know what I discovered? Our god is a happy god. In times when we feel downcast, he taps other humans to entertain us while he’s busy working on our prayer request. Our god is an awesome god. And he has the awesomest customer service in the world!

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SONG OF THE DAY: “Love Song for a Savior”

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